School Culture

At Chirag School, learning is child centric – we teach children at their level using the pedagogy best suited for their needs. We encourage children and adults to be fearless and curious while being empathetic and respectful towards others.IMG_20170602_125629_347

We promote a non-competitive environment for children where learning is not measured against anyone else. Our actions are guided by a sense of responsibility towards the environment. We regularly engage in cleanliness and tree plantation drives, and increase community awareness about sustainability and waste management through plays, songs and other events.

The children are taught the local traditional instrumental music, dance, singing and art by teachers who are specialists in these areas. We also invite parents and grandparents on a regular basis to share local history and folktales and celebrate local festivals with students to keep traditional culture alive.

Chirag School charges a nominal fee from its students and raises over 90% of its operational expenses through donations. At the same time we are also compliant with the section 12(1)(c) of the Right to Education Act where in we reserve 25% seats for children from the economically weaker sections. The list of the students enrolled under this section can be found here.