Learning at Chirag School

The mark of an educated person, wrote Plato in The Republic, is the willingness to use one’s knowledge and skills to solve the problems of society. Chirag School aims to equip its students with skills, values and knowledge so that they can think critically, act responsibly and live peacefully to make the world a better place.


Pre-school: In younger classes we believe that children learn best when the content is connected to their day to day life outside of school. The focus is to provide a safe space to children where they can develop their sensory, cognitive, language and motor skills along with growing emotionally, mentally and socially. Children learn through structured and unstructured play, storytelling, nature walks, school care, art, music, circle time activities and Montessori-inspired activities.
Primary School: As children move to the primary school, the academic focus is to develop their language (Hindi and English) along with their numeracy skills. Sustainability as well as conservation is a key component of our curriculum and children spend a lot of time learning about their natural environment through nature walks, field visits and gardening. It is our aim to provide a holistic education and activities including art, music, drama and dance are integrated with the fundamentals of language and arithmetic. Life skills such as cleaning and caring for school, as well as activities such as knitting, meditation, sports and yoga are built within the curriculum. We have also developed a robust computer and science application curriculum so as to help children develop basic programming skills and scientific thinking.