Community Outreach

From its inception, Chirag’s ultimate goal was to improve primary school education in the entire region. A paradigm shift was necessary in changing the traditional classroom teaching methodology as well as the content and pedagogy being used in schools in Uttarakhand. Chirag School was envisioned as the keystone of this change strategy.


Today, Chirag School is a working model and a benchmark of what a good village school should and can be. After all, credibility can only be achieved by building a successful working model of what one is talking about. Chirag’s outreach work is currently impacting 65 government schools across 5 blocks in Nainital and Bageshwar districts. Each of these schools has a balshikshak (a young auxilary teacher selected from within their community) who helps in balancing the teacher-pupil ratio in these schools to ensure basic literacy as well as run the library, sports and English programs.

Chirag School is a training partner to provide input on fear free education, content, pedagogy and holistic learning for all 65 schools. Best practices from Chirag School are replicated by our balshikshaks to improve the quality of primary education in Uttarakhand.